SBI Audiovisual, a completely Quebec-based company since 1991!

To us, there is no small event; there is only clients and their needs.

Whether is for live events, web-diffused events, corporate events or live medical cases, our team combines professionalism, thoroughness, and creativity to meet your and your participants needs.

Creation coming from constraint, no difficulty can stop our team. We have the best technologies but more importantly, the best workforce to operate it.

Your challenge will be ours!

SBI Audiovisual offers a multitude of audiovisual services, in several domains.

Strong of our plenty years in corporate domain, we have evolved simultaneously with technology and we have developed new tools and a solid experience.

Whether is for lighting, sound booth, video, web diffusion, simultaneous translation, teleprompter, recording for web diffusion, general assembly, staff meeting, production launch, outside event or live diffusion of medical cases, our team has the solution for your challenge.

Recent news

Webinar production

At SBI Audiovisuel, we are offering technologic innovative solutions, getting the digital experience unbeatable. We developed systems providing the po...