Corporate audiovisual

Recording and web diffusion

Our enthusiastic team can rapidly and easily take charge of your project of recording, captation, web diffusion, and creation of webinar content.

We have the knowledge and tools to successfully complete your project.

You are thinking about an audiovisual production, a creative video production, an audiovisual project, a broadcast, an audiovisual captation, a production and realization of a video clip, a webinar, or a web diffusion?

We have the solution for you at extremely competitive rates.

Our team adaptation capacity and the research and development on our systems and process make us the leader in event conversion in live web event (100% digital) or hybrid event.

Whether for a webinar or a web diffusion, your online participants will live the same event experience than your indoor participants. We take charge of registrations (including secured or chargeable registrations), broadcast, voting, simultaneous translation and LSQ translation.

Your online participants will be able to discuss with your panelists both live and chat. Our services have been created to totally being compatible with many platforms, and of course, integrated into your website or Facebook page.

We can also provide detailed reports on participants and do the recording of your event.

With SBI Audivisuel, you choose a professional turnkey service.