For it’s 30th anniversary, SBI Audiovisuel is unveiling a new corporate image.

For it’s 30th anniversary, SBI Audiovisuel is unveiling a new corporate image.

RELEASE — Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Montreal, QC— The event industry in Montreal and in the province of Quebec has experienced difficult hardships over the past year due to the impact of the pandemic on our personal and professional lives.

Fortunately, the team at SBI Audiovisuel was able to respond and adapt to this new reality by offering more than 2,500 virtual events and more than 1 million connections on its exclusive North American platform originally developed for the medical industry.

Now that the return of in-person and hybrid corporate events are at our reach, SBI Audiovisuel has decided that it was time for a makeover and it is with great pride that we introduce our new corporate image, characterizing an important turning point in the history of the company.

“We have grown our business significantly over the past year and the relaunch of our brand represents the natural evolution of that transformation,” said Danny Trottier, President of SBI Audiovisual.

Designed in partnership with Italy-based Moles Design agency, the new logo features a modern, encircled interpretation of the classic “SBI” badge symbolizing a forward-driven wheel with its departments and subsidiaries represented by the various colors.

With our new image, we are reaffirming our dedication to our customers, our know-how and above all the excellent service which makes our reputation both with in-person and virtual events.

For more information: Contact Mr. Sacha Rioux, Director of Operations of SBI/Medinbox at 514-633-9898 or on and for more information on products and services visit


About SBI/Medinbox: The 100% Quebec-based company specializes in corporate audiovisual services, live broadcasting of virtual events for the special event industry. Using an innovative and non-intrusive technology which, approved worldwide, allows SBI/Medinbox to broadcast live medical cases. This system and its technology for which we have exclusive rights in North America, has since become the benchmark in hospitals across the world.